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Jerome Doraisamy – Dinner at the Savoy

We held our first dinner for 2019 at The Savoy, Long Jetty on Wednesday 27 March 2019, which was sponsored by the Young Lawyers. The guest speaker was Jerome Doraisamy, who spoke eloquently, and knowledgably about the need for all of us to look after our own mental health and wellbeing. Jerome himself has suffered his own mental health problems from being in a very stressful environment, so he spoke from experience. There was a very good turnout – about 60 or so attendees, and it was a very enjoyable night. The venue was something quite different, being the old picture theatre, and Michael Williams remembered seeing Jason and the Argonauts when the theatre was open in the 1960s, and Michael Nash recalled seeing Ben Hur. The venue catered very well with the drinks and food, including delicious pizzas. Thanks to Taylor Marks and Nick Fagan for organising the event.